Business Tycoon Game

You start your coffee chain business, running stores in multiple cities, managing bean supply, products, employees, financial, and competing with other coffee tycoons!

Open Coffee Shops across Cities

The game offers multiple cities: small town, coastal city and megalopolis. Location, location, location! Strategically place your stores to crash your competitors!

Design Your Store

Choose exteriors, interiors, equipments and services for your stores and uniquely stand out your coffee shops.

Manage Bean Supply, Products and Services

Blend the best beans, choose and price products wisely, hire, motivate and compensate employees well, conduct effective marketings, and serve customers better.

Realistic Financial Management

The game offers the details of financial aspect of business such as income statement and balance sheet. You can also borrow money from banks, trade in stock market, file for IPO, and M&A competitors.