Get Real in Real Cities

The brand-new and power-up version has finally arrived! Coffee chain business gets more complex and realistic in the real cities. Hire store managers, office workers, senior executives, develop new products, and even design your own custom interiors.

Start with a Coffee Shop

Once you pick a perfect location, build your first coffee shop with your interior, exterior and equipment. Hire floor staff, set product menus and prices, conduct marketing campaigns.

You can also hire store managers to delegate daily operations.

Design Custom Interiors

Predefined interior sets don’t match with your taste? You can now design your original interiors. Spend lots of money to create a gorgeous atmosphere, or keep it minimal and cut costs as much as you can? It’s totally up to you.

Work with Local Businesses

Every city has many local businesses: roaster companies, banks, marketing agencies and investment banks. Work with them to get bean supplies, loans, local marketing campaigns and equity financing.

Expand to Multiple Cities

In version 2, all cities are real cities: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Berlin. Expand your coffee business globally.

Every country has its own GDP growth, a policy rate and a cost of living. Conduct business with strategy.

Open Offices

As the number of stores grows, store management gets complex. Open your offices, hire white-collar workers, and create functional departments: Finance, HR, Marketing, Product, Engineering… and streamline your ever growing business.

Develop New Products

Differentiate your coffee shops from competitors by developing and introducing new original products. Spend time and money wisely on R&D to produce blockbuster products.

True Accounting

In addition to income statements and balance sheets, it now has cash flow statements as well. Grasp financial details like a pro through realistic accounting.

If you can read them, you already have a huge advantage.

Hire Executives

Hire C-Level executives such as COO, CFO, CTO, CMO… and delegate high levels of responsibilities to them. Make sure to incentivize them with stock options and RSUs.

Board Meeting

As a chairman of the board, you can hold a board meeting and discuss your compensation and company’s dividends. Even though you are a founder, you are always governed by the board.

File IPO & Acquire Rivals

Work with investment banks for filing IPO, secondary offerings, and M&A rivals. If you don’t run your business well, your competitors will try to acquire your company, too.

Real Estate & Investments

You can expand your business to non-coffee businesses such as real estates and stock investments. Pay attention to local economies.

Build Personal Wealth

In this version, your personal wealth is separated from company’s. You can privately invest in real estates and stocks. In the future, more features around personal spending will be coming!